Camping and the hostel


You can put up your tent close to Lägerplatsen on the northern part of the island or at Huvviken.

When camping close to Lägerplatsen there is a fire place by the sea and a toilet behind the cottage.

When camping at Huvviken you use the fireplace and toilet near by.

Since there are cows and sheep grazing freely on the island it is wise to camp within the fences that surround the two camping spots. Do not camp on the fields where we harvest hay for the sheep.

A man and a boy sitting by their tent and the water.
The camping site at Huvviken.

Open air-shelter

There is a nice little open air-shelter on the northwest side on the island. There is also a fireplace and a toilet.

The hostel

The hostel was tastefully renovated only a couple of years ago. It contains 35 beds. The houses were originally built in the 1870’s. The buildings used to be vessel pilot’s residence. The hostel is not run by Sävö farm.
Sävö hostel

Sävö hostel
Sävö hostel