Sävö farm café

Gårdscafeet med svensk flagga

We are open every day 9-17, July 1 – August 6, 2023

Enjoy our café in the beautiful garden of Sävö farm. The garden is sheltered from strong winds and we have tables in the sun as well as in the shade. On a rainy day, the old building is a perfect spot to enjoy traditional Swedish fika. Or maybe you prefer seeking shelter under the impressive walnut tree.

All bread, cookies and patries are home baked. Feel free to borrow a book from our book shelf to help you relax. We also have children’s books in English, French, Swahili, and of course in Swedish. If you are in the mood for it, challenge your friends in a game of darts.

We serve


Yogurt, egg, ham and cheese sandwich; coffee/tea/milk – SEK 70


Coffee – SEK 28
Tea – SEK 28
Ice coffee – SEK 35
Lemonade elderberry – SEK 20
Mineral water –  SEK 20
Beer, alcohol free – SEK 30


All of them with a chioce of either dark Danish rye bread or wheat bread roll:

Sävö special – smoked meat from the farm – SEK 65
Egg and anchovy – SEK 60
Beat root hummus – SEK 55
Bean spread with sundried tomatoes – SEK 55
Ham and cheese sandwich – SEK 35

Cookies and cinnamon rolls of different types

Cookies and pastries, different types and sizes – SEK 25 -30
Cinnamon rolls – SEK 25

Contact us

Phone: 073-2010124

Sävö is an island. Get in touch with us if you need transport
Boat fee: adults SEK 100 round trip, no boat fee for children under 13.

Moor your boat

You can moor your boat  in Boholmsviken on the east side of Sävö – facing Källvik. There is a sign “Boholmsviken”  showing where to get in to the jetty. If there is a flatboat by the jetty at the moment feel free to moor beside it. Boholmsviken is marked on the map of Sävö:
The Sävö map

In the southeastern part of Svartviken, the small bay just to the north of Boholmsviken, there are steel rings in the rock where you can moor the boat and stay overnight.

You can also use the visitor jetty in Djupviken – on the northern part of the island. The jetty is marked on the map but  without name. It is the only jetty on the northern part of the island though. If it is not too crowded you can stay overnight.

On the island you can also moor the boat at the guestpier by the hostel to the south of the island. Note that the wooden deck is only allowed for the hostel.

See you at Sävö farm café!

Karin och Janne