Fire places, drinking water and toilets

People and cattle around of of the fireplaces on the island


Sävö is a nature reserve which means that you are not allowed to collect firewood and start a fire wherever you want to. The approved places, where firewood is available, are located

  • at the outdoor shelter on the northwest side of the island
  • close to the beach that is pointed out from the trail Sörmlandsleden on the west side of the island
  • at the cottage “Lägerplatsen” in the north of the island.


Toilets can be found at

  • the cottage “Boholmsviken” on the northeast side of the island
  • the cottage “Lägerplatsen” in the north of the island
  • the small beach on the west side of the island that is pointed out with a sign from the trail Sörmlandsleden
  • just south of the farm “Sävö gård”.

Drinking water

There is fresh drinking water from a tap attached to the fence surrounding the farm “Sävö gård”. You will find the tap a couple of meters to the right from the gate facing to the south of the island.


If you have any questions or if there is no wood at the fireplaces or no toilet papers in the toilets please let us know.