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Sävö is the most northern island in the group of islands, Hartsö-Ringsö-Långö-Sävö, southeast of the bay Tvären about 20 kilometers from Nyköping. The island is situated about 300 meters from the small wharf Källvik and you reach the island by boat or canoe.

There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation on the island, among them swimming, fishing and hiking. The trail Sörmlandsleden, marked by orange paint, will take you for a three kilometer walk along forest grazings, hay meadows and rocks with a great long distance view when the sky is clear.

Stay the day or overnight? There is a hostel on Sävö but you can also rent a cottage or put up a tent. There is also an open air shelter on the island.

To get here

Sävö is situated about one hour from Stockholm, by car.

• Go E4 south (Helsingborg) and get off at exit 138, direction Trosa/Studsvik Vagnhärad.
• Turn right after 2.4 km, Stationsvägen.
• Turn left after 3.3 km, towards Studsvik.
• Turn left after 6.6 km, towards Källvik.The road ends at the wharf.

If you arrive from Nyköping take E4 towards Stockholm and get off at exit 138. Then follow the directions above. It will take you about 40 minutes from Nyköping to Källvik. If you have a GPS – the setting “Källviksvägen 1 Västerljung” will take you to the wharf.

From Källvik to Sävö

During the summer the hostel runs boat trips to Sävö every day depending on when their guests arrive. Call them in advance for a ticket. With a canoe or kayak it will only take you ten minutes from Källvik.

If you don’t succeed in finding a transportation – get in touch with us on Sävö gård and we will try to help you.

Sävö hostel
Contact Sävö gård

Launch your boat

On the island you can moor the boat at the guestpier by the hostel, note that the wooden deck is only allowed for the hostel. You can also moor your boat  in Boholmsviken and in Djupviken. If it is not too crowded you can stay overnight.

In the southeastern part of Svartviken there are steel rings in the rock where you can moor the boat and stay overnight.