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Gästhuset på Sävö gård - rödmålad byggnad med vitmålade fönster

Staying here in the guesthouse you are right at the heart of Sävö gård (the farm).

There are three rooms for rent. You all share the kitchen, the “living room” and the batheroom including shower. Bring your own sheets – there are mattresses, blankets and pillows. Sleeping bags are not allowed.

Right next to the guesthouse there is a farm café open six weeks summertime.
Farm café

Regarding Corona virus

The outbreak of corona does affect the way we handle our renting (guesthouse and cottages), the farm café and the boattransports.
Corona – this is what we do to help preventing corona to spread

Due to the corona virus when booking a room/rooms in the guesthouse on Sävö farm the kitchen, dining room or bathroom will be at your disposal only. There will not be anyone else using these facilities during your stay. This applies even if you only rent one room.

Room1: There are two beds, 140 cm and 120 cm
700 SEK/night
Room 2: There are three beds, 120 cm, 100 cm and 90 cm
700 SEK/night
Room 3: Two beds, 90 cm each
500 SEK/night
It is possible to add an extra matress in all three rooms

Cleaning is included in the price.


You are welcome to make your booking though airbnb.com:
Guesthouse room 1
Guesthouse room 2
Guesthouse room 3
Get in touch with us directly:


Photo showing room 1 with two beds and a wood stove.
Room 1
Photo showing room two with three beds and a fire place.
Room 2
Photo showing room three with two beds.
Room 3
Dining roorm with two tables and eight chairs.
Dining room
Kitchen - the sink and a bench
Kitchen - the electric stove
The bathroom - showing the toilet and the shower.